NAMASTE – Have a nice day?

When I first started yoga (almost 30 years ago) I thought my yoga teacher was saying, “Have a nice day” at the end of each class. I finally asked for clarification and was told she was saying ‘N A M A S T E’.  I had to laugh at myself, but I also liked what it meant – ‘the spirit in me honors the spirit in you’ OR ‘the light in me shines to the light in you.’

Stillness of the body and the mind and skills that you develop with a regular yoga practice. When that stillness occurs there is a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Now most people do not attend their first yoga class looking for that type of experience. But if you stick with it, you will learn to look deep within. We use the stillness of holding a yoga pose, the body scan while holding a pose, and focus on the breath.

We say, “noticing with your kind attention, without changing, fixing or judging.” It is actually a place of acceptance. And that is a relief in a busy, competitive world.

But what about that ‘light?’ Beyond the core of every cell and fiber of our being is the light of our spirit, the spirit of God that fills us with his love and power. It shines from us when we draw near to it.

Whether it is a yoga pose, meditation, or gazing at the beauty of nature, we can access the light of our spirit at a moment’s notice for strength, comfort, guidance and healing. And share it as it’s needed.

Namaste my friends, Barbara

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