This is our our precious yoga studio for 21 years. After closing it in 2022, we now offer our classes online.
This is our our precious yoga studio for 21 years. After closing it in 2022, we now offer our classes online.

Does your brain take a break?

It is the nature of the mind to think. Try looking at something in nature for a few seconds, and during that brief pause, your brain will take a break. You will begin to let go of stress and tension.

If you are new to yoga, it is a perfect time to join us. We are working on the basics that teach techniques for better flexibility, strength, and balance. And - learning skills that help the mind rest. A regular yoga practice unlocks your body and refreshes your brain.

The #1 reason people are beginning yoga right now is for stress relief.

The #1 reason people DO NOT go to yoga is they are not sure what to expect (can I do it). We have a safe place for you to reset your body & mind.
Even though we are not in the studio anymore, our online classes are taught with detailed instructions and modifications. You have the privacy of your home. And, the support of a tight community to learn and grow with.

Much love, Barbara

All of our classes are live through Zoom. And, are recorded and posted for your use at any time.

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M  W F 9:00 am

T TH 7:00 pm

SATURDAY  9:00 am 

Our classes are for all levels, ages, body types, and experience. You will receive detailed instructions and modifications throughout the class.

Try this breathing exercise to restore balance in you body. Alternate Nostril Breathing

Barbara Morrison - Yoga Instructor and Owner of Texas Yoga Center


Light a fire & get you moving

Regain strength, flexibility, balance

Help you learn how to touch your toes

Begin again

Remember to smile

Step out of the whirlwind of life

Learn how to quiet your busy mind

Learn healthy habits

Realize 'a little bit & a little bit = a lot'

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Attendance available on Zoom and In Person


Call Barbara - 281-813-4908 or Email for next start date and more info

FREE UNLIMITED YOGA available for the duration of the course. This program is taken by people new to yoga and those with years of yoga experience; people who just want to learn more for their personal practice; and those who want to teach right away, or at some point in the future. It is a fun, interactive class. We keep it small and that helps us learn more, practice more, and fit the class schedule into 'life'.

Learn how to teach a professional Zoom yoga class; how to manage recordings; how to post recordings for later use, and much more.

For details click Yoga Teacher Certification Program   or contact Barbara at


Happy thoughts from Texas Yoga Center clients

It has been a year since my back surgery (I had a bulging disc that was trimmed off) and all is pretty good with the exception of nerve pain / numbness in my left thigh, calf, and foot. That is the main reason I have been attending your yoga classes. [Read More]
Dan (a corporate lunchtime yoga class)

Yoga is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. When my husband passed, my youngest daughter suggested yoga. After three months I had more energy and enthusiasm. Then, decided to eat healthier. Three years into my new lifestyle, I am happier, my family is happier, and my doctor is amazed. I am stronger and more flexible, but the biggest surprise is the inner peace. Still have to remind myself, "Yoga is not competitive." Plan to continue yoga practice for many years. Barbara and yoga are exactly what I needed at this stage of life. She is a kind and patient instructor who takes personal interest in her students and encourages their physical and spiritual growth.
Judy F.

Before starting yoga seven months ago, the only exercise I did on a regular basis was walk our dog, Maggie. It was about this time last year when I started having some serious pain in my left shoulder, elbow and wrist due to a previous injury. Due to the pain, I was not sleeping well, and after going to the doctor, it was suggested I have surgery to alleviate the pain. My husband mentioned that he had tried yoga for his neck problems and it had helped. Our daughter does yoga and also recommended it. So I started going to Texas Yoga Center. After seven months, I feel great, have almost no pain and have made tremendous progress in my overall strength, flexibility, stamina and confidence. In addition to my overall health, my mental and emotional well-being has also been enhanced. We have also made changes to our lifestyle that includes a healthy diet. Yoga has made a believer out of me. Thank you Barbara and Texas Yoga Center.
Cindy A.

When I started yoga 5 months ago, I had some foot problems going on I was ignoring and also still had frozen shoulder left over from my neck surgery. Now I have forgotten about the foot stuff completely, it is gone. My shoulders are getting stronger and yoga keeps my neck loose and unstiff like it use to get every couple of days. Thanks!

Through yoga, I have become much more in tune with my body. I was always the type to push through any kind of pain, and yoga has taught me to recognize it before it becomes unbearable. This in turn allows me to ease my way through it. Through the practice of yoga, I find myself less stressed on a continual basis. When I do become stressed, it is now easier to calm myself down through techniques learned in class (specifically breathing practices). The most uplifting and exciting change for me is that I have finally become comfortable in my own skin. Being one who has struggled with body image my entire life, I have always felt caged by these emotions. With Yoga, I have learned to be more forgiving with myself and more at peace with myself. Although I have many times when I wish I was different, these feeling don't take over me like they used to.

I have been practicing yoga for 2 years. I can do things now that used to seem impossible. Practicing yoga has strengthened my left knee (which I've dislocated a few times). I really like the spiritual aspect of yoga and the acceptance of our bodies as they are.
Ann (retired teacher)

I have been interested in yoga for 30 years. My practice has been sporatic until 6 years ago when I retired. I was delighted to find the Texas Yoga Center where I was welcomed by Barbara who has gently helped me to grow stronger and more flexible than I have ever been. My bone scans are showing an increase in bone density. Barbara begins each class guiding her yoga students through a centering exercise which allows us to quiet our minds and be in the moment. As we practice the yoga poses Barbara is encouraging, reminding us to do what is right for us at the moment and not to over extend. Class closes with a time of guided relaxation, another great skill we can carry with us during the day. I appreciate that Barbara has followed her calling and as a result, enhanced our lives.

I started yoga to relax and deal with my stress. The practice has blown all of my expectations away - far exceeded what I hoped to accomplish. I have gained a ton of flexibility, great lung capacity, relief for my aches and pains, and a great sense of peace. My daughters love the kid's class and I know it helps reinforce the importance of a positive body image and to love what God gave you. They are happier and less emotional as a result of the yoga practice. We love Texas Yoga Center!

I started yoga because a neighbor told me about it. She told me it would help to relax the body and at the same time strengthen it. I am so glad that I listened to her and joined. Because it is really helping me to relax, to sleep better, to control my temper, and I feel stronger.

Barbara Morrison has been a God-send. When I started experiencing shoulder pain, I visited 9 different doctors who offered shots and pain meds as a solution. Through yoga, I have been able to resolve the pain without medication. Barbara's gentle encouragement and attention to individual needs make Texas Yoga Center my mini-retreat in a busy week. I have recommended her to friends and coworkers and will continue to do so.

Years ago when I first started these classes, I had neck and lower back pain constantly. Since going to the classes, my pain has let up and my health has improved. For instance, my family noticed that my posture is much better. Good posture leads to a higher self esteem. I have greater flexibility and tend to be more physically active. This also leads to a better attitude toward life. The teachers are consistant and helpful. There is a true feeling of peace in the studio.

I have been doing yoga for 9 months. A major benefit I have received is enrichment of my meditation practice. I have the most benefit from meditation when I am able to relax my muscles, my body and my mind. Yoga has helped my ability to identify muscles and then be able to relax them more at will. The tightening and stretching of them enable me to know the opposite - the relaxing, thus making a meditative state easier to attain. The focus on breathing has helped with meditation also. I am also not as stiff as I used to be.
Linda M

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