Yoga Classes

Our classes are for all levels of Yoga students.

About 90% of the people starting yoga at Texas Yoga Center have never done yoga before. We truly specialize in teaching yoga so everyone can receive the benefits of stress relief, increased strength and flexibility and quieting the busy mind.

At each Level you will receive detailed instructions on:

  • how to do basic yoga poses
  • variations and modifications of yoga poses
  • breathing exercises
  • basic meditation skills
  • how to become aware of your range of motion
  • how to work within your range of motion

June Focus - Wednesdays at 6:30 PM - Flexibility

Our Wednesday night classes for June will focus on releasing stiff, tight muscles that restrict movement. We will do easy movements that target the hip flexors, low back, and hammys.  This class will be workshop-ish and last a little longer than our usual classes. No preregistration is necessary. The monthly auto pay and class card cover the class.

All of the other classes will focus on balancing flexibility with strength.  All of the classes on our calendar are appropriate for all levels, no experience necessary.

Backs & Basics Class

We offered this series during January and February. We will continue to integrate the exercises/poses we learned into all of our classes going forward. And will offer this series again in the future.

The focus for this class is to help achy backs by working with the hips and spine. The goal is to build strength, flexibility, balance and endurance by doing gentle stretches and yoga poses. This is a perfect class for Newbies. We will have guest teachers/lectures to deepen our understanding of how the back works and why it hurts. Barbara and Paul will co-teach this 8-week class.

Intro To Yoga

This Level is for people brand new to yoga and anyone with a concern about attending the other classes. It is a slow-paced, interactive class that will help you answer the question, "Am I doing this right?"

All Levels

This level is appropriate for beginners through experienced. Detailed instructions will help you learn poses if you are new, and challenge your practice with variations.

Chair Yoga

The perfect class for those who do not want to get up and down from the floor. Learn all the yoga poses using a chair as a support for sitting and standing. You will receive the benefits of strength, flexibility, balance and mindfulness. And practice breathing exercises and meditation. Open to everyone. No experience necessary.

Small Group, Private, Corporate Classes

A lot of people like to try out yoga in a private setting before attending an actual class. It is a good time to get a feel for the studio and ask questions. Others have schedules or concerns that are easily accommodated in a private class. Small Group Classes may be a group of friends or a team at work who want a one-time class or series of classes to address a particular need. For more information and pricing, please call the office (281-859-5566) or email barbara@texasyogacenter

The following classes are rotated into the schedule. Please check the Class Schedule or call the office for more information - 281-859-5566


This is a steady-paced yoga class that gives you the opportunity to play the edge, build core strength and stamina.

Yin Yoga

A gentle stretching class lying on the floor or seated that releases stress and tension from the body as you relax into the stretch. Open to everyone - all levels.

Men's - Intro To Yoga Class

Please call the office for next session. Perfect for men who have never done yoga before. Designed for men of all ages and levels. Perfect for men who want to stay in shape or get in shape; increase strength, flexibility, balance; improve their golf game; get relief from an achy back; restore mobility in hips and spine.

Kids Only Class

Ages K-High School.  Kids yoga class is interactive and fun! It helps children develop strong, flexible, healthy bodies and clear focused minds. Children learn coping skills through breathing and relaxation techniques. Children learn to relax, concentrate and focus on the moment and task at hand. This is a great way for your children to let out their energy in a safe, healthy way.

Prenatal Classes

Our regular yoga classes are customized so much that prenatal moms may attend the regular yoga classes with no problems. We will be guiding you throughout the class with modifications. We have had many babies born the day after a yoga class and a happy mom who used her breathing skills, relaxation techniques, and benefited from the strength and flexibility gained during our regular classes. You will need to talk with Barbara before beginning classes to approve your attendance.

Classes are approximately one hour and 10 minutes. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Bring a mat if you have it or use a class mat.

Classes not listed on the Class Schedule are not being offered at this time.