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Sept. 25 Strap Stretches w Warrior 1, Chair, Eagle

Sept. 24 Stretch w Lunges, Strengthen w Chair

Sept. 21 Leg Stretches & Triangle Pose

Sept. 18 Back Relaxing & Steady Movement

Sept. 16 Basic Yoga with a Strap

Sept. 15 Hips & Spine

Sept. 14 Stretches for the Back

Sept. 4 Slow Stretch & Triangle Pose


Oct. 17 Flowing Poses

Oct. 16 Lower Body Strengthening

Oct. 12 More Back Stretching

Oct. 7 Slow Stretching

Oct. 6 Standing Strength & Balance

Oct. 5 Standing Poses for 5 Breaths


REMEMBER - If you want a shorter practice, skip to the section of the video that you need for the day.

Dec. 2 Nicole's Sun Salutations, Triangle, Stretching

Dec. 1 Beginner & Basics Class #1

Dec. 1 A video message from Barbara

Nov. 16 Relax the Back

Nov. 14 Stepping into Warrior 1

Nov. 10 Nicole's Stretch Class

Nov. 4 Nicole's Gentle Movement Class


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