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MAY 2021

May 28 - Stretches w Sun & Moon Salute

May 27 - Meditation - Space between your thoughts

May 27 - Thurs. night yoga w Barb

May 26 - Mid-week yoga w Nicole

May 25 - Meditation - Let your mind rest

May 21 - Yoga w Monkey Mind Meditation Breath

May 17 - Chair Yoga

May 17 - Floor Stretches w Barbara

May 14 - Moving with the Poses

May 13 - Th pm Yoga Flow

May 12 - Floor Stretches w Nicole

May 10 - Chair Yoga

May 8 - Hip Stabilizing

May 6 - Stretch & Strengthen

JUNE 2021

June 21 - Sabre's Monday Class

June 19 - Becca's Inside Your Body Class

June 10 - Chair Yoga w Judy

June 9 - Mid-week w Barb

June 7 - Pelvis Reset

June 7 - Chair Yoga w Barb


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