Focus & Concentration = Magical

Focus and concentration are probably not the reason most people try yoga. But they both weave through everything we do in a yoga class. I call it ‘magical‘ because of the subtle way it happens.

First, we Transition from what it took to get to our mat; from standing to sitting; from performing tasks outside our body; to taking a look inside. This starts the process and develops the skill of focus and concentration.

Then, we connect with a Body Scan to take a snapshot of what’s going on inside our body. We are actually looking for things that bother us – like aches and pains, strong emotions or thoughts. It is easier to ignore it, and takes courage to slow down and acknowledge what is really going on. This takes focus and concentration.

Next, we move to the Breath. We feel the air outside our body move into our nose and become our breath. We notice how the inhale creates space in the body. How the exhale creates space for the next inhale. This takes a lot of focus and concentration.

We continue the journey with focus and concentration throughout class. Applying it to the yoga poses.  All the while, layering Transitioning from pose to pose; Body Scanning the poses; Breathing in the poses. It is MAGICAL.

Now guess where focus and concentration live . . . . . . in the PRESENT MOMENT.

That is a topic unto itself. But just to say, the Present Moment is where we let go of stress and tension. We return to our calm energy. We connect with stillness. And we leave the yoga class feeling relaxed but refreshed. UTTERLY AMAZING.

All of these benefits, just because we came to yoga and got on our mat.  Hmmmm, maybe it is a magic carpet ride!

See you on the mat! Barbara